Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I think it's time for me to return to anonymity

The idea of launching a trading room got me excited me at first; I thought I could help some people get better trading results (how pretentious of me). But now faced with the harsh reality of hosting such a room I just can't seem to be able to get back "in the zone" like I used to when I was trading alone in my little corner of the world. It seems like when I'm in the room I feel compelled to trade. It's as if I would say to myself: "Hey, it's a trading room and we are all traders in here so I HAVE TO TRADE otherwise what is the objective of being in a trading room in the first place? People are not in here to hear me comment all day long about the market ups and downs while I'm sitting on my hands".

It's true. Nobody's in there to lose his/her time (me included). It may sound selfish but the sad truth is that since the beginning of this experiment, there hasn't been any added value in there for me. My trading has been bad and to make things worse I'm influencing some people to follow me in that direction. I'm sorry for those who lost money in the room because of some of the bad calls I made recently and I really wish they'll be able to recoup that money one way or another in the near future. Trading should be fun, not sad.

Take care guys!


  1. Michel, This has been a very tough market recently ! You are extremely talented and I for one hope and expect to see you "sharing" your market thoughts tomorrow morning 11-20-2013 and for many more.. We are all here on our own desire and are never forced to act. Every "pro" has their days- Lets get back in the locker room -regroup and come out with our winning game plan ! Ceeee Yaaaa Bub !! 8:45 AM

  2. I don't think anybody blames you for being off your game. I came to learn from you, and I learned a great deal. The money we lost is just a bit of tuition from my perspective. I actually wish you would keep the room open and only provide commentary on the market without calling out trades.. that would be unique and helpful to those of us who are determined to make it on our own.

    Thank you and good luck Michel,

  3. Come on Michel! isn't it too early to make such a decision? Nobody in the room should be taking any trades at all... as you said in the beginning, this room was not an educational service and you still haven't made it a paid service by any means. I left other rooms and came into yours cause you were fair once you said your trading environment shouldn't be bothered. I saw you were caring about all of us and that gives you lots of respect. I also saw many members just wasting your time with silly questions and asking you about making trading calls... but you said that wasn't the deal.
    You have been kind enough to answer to all of us... please don't give up... keep your screen on and your chat off.... let us see how you trade. forget about all those needy people.

    hope to trade with you soon.


  4. Michele-
    Thank you for the time you took to undertake this endeavor and the wealth of knowledge you have shared. Not only did you add a lot of valuable insight, listening to you mitigated a good bit of the solitude that I'm sure many independent traders experience. It is unfortunate but totally understandable that you have decided to terminate the room. Trading is difficult as it is without the added distractions and pressure of having an audience watch your every move. Perhaps it may have worked better if you only made comments and calls and didn't allow questions throughout the day - probably not possible for someone who has shown the level of concern for others that you have. Hope you reconsider at some point but either way, thanks and best of luck.

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