Thursday, November 21, 2013

Back with a new contribution to traders

Hi guys!

I took a little break following the end of my trading room experiment and would like to bring a new contribution to the WTI crude oil and e-mini Dow Jones traders communities. This is something that will not distract me from my day to day trading but something that I think may be of interest to some of you who may not have the time to analyze the market from all possible angles like I do every day. In parallel to my short term/scalping trading, I've been calculating for quite a bit of time now the daily potential inflection points of both CL_F and YM_F (as well as extremes extensions) using mainly a customized version of Fibonacci extensions and projections numbers that I have developed over time (got to give credit also to some other knowledgeable traders on the net, thanks to all of them).

So, I intend to publish here on a daily basis those numbers that represent potential buy/sell signals. As usual, be cautious with these signals as they are no holy grail. Nevertheless, I think you will like them as much as I do. Demo testing them for a while would be my best advice.

- Valid for overnight/tomorrow on WTI: SELL 95.89, stop 96.29, t/p open; BUY 94.59, stop 94.19, t/p open. Extremes: high 96.94 - low 93.54

- Valid for overnight/tomorrow on YM: SELL 16028, stop 16061, t/p open; BUY 15922, stop 15889, t/p open. Extremes: high 16115 - low 15835

Happy and safe trading to all! :-0

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  1. Very nice Michel. Great idea! I'm sorry the trading room didn't work out, but as traders our individual PnL must come first! Cheers!